Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I guess a lot is on my mind today regarding some things I've been reading and some things I've been seeing. I am reading a book about Mormonism and it's incredible all the claims of error against Christianity that the Mormons themselves have present in their own beliefs. For instance, regarding the belief that God is 3 in 1, not 3 separate Mormon leader said that this belief,( along with other Christian doctrines) comes from paganism, and Hellanism,( the Greek beliefs). And, if you look back at those belief systems, you will see some of the beliefs that you would see in Christianity,( like the belief in a Creator-God). The author goes on to say and to quote from other theologans that of course many religions have some of the Truth, or have discovered some of the truths of science and how the laws of the universe work. He shows that all people have some knowledge of God or His works set in their hearts and minds. Then, the author goes on to show that Mormons also have beliefs that are the same as those of paganism, and Hellanism and other such systems of belief,( like the deification of humans, and the belief in the pre-existance of one's spirit before birth, etc.). Interesting, how if we don't know these things, that we have no clue how to shed Light on these inconsistancies. Then, while thinking about these things and some other recent issues, I wondered, as I often do, how many teens,( and adults) would know how to defend their faith to a non-believer in such a way as to at least leave a little seed of doubt in that person as to whether what they believe is actually true. Or is it just... well, I know God is real, and I know the Bible is true. Or, the most hated phrase....well, that's just how I was raised!! I hate that one! It gives the idea that the truth is whatever you are taught in your upbringing, no thinking required. Bla! And, all this connects to sincerity too...I mean, do you really believe what you say you do? Or is it just a tradition, a common view, or something? And if you really do believe in God and have Him as your personal Savior, then everything you do should be worship to God,( boy do I need work on this one). And then, thinking about worship....true worship is a personal thing, and lately I have been seeing some disturbing signs of worship being conncected to what someone else thinks it should look like. That is not acceptable. Who should tell me, apart from God, how, and where and when I should worship. Hmmm, so anyway, just having a lot of heart cries today for more Christians to stand at their posts and be aware of what's going on...not in a religious coma!