Thursday, November 18, 2010

Old or young

When I was younger I lived on hand me downs and never ever thought to look around to see if what I wore was in style or not. When I look back at some of my 'favorite' outfits, I see that they look waaaay old for me. Now in my older yrs. I am dressing younger....hoodies, crazy jeans, t-shirts and all that, but I still have this old person living inside me apparently, because when I go shopping at a thrift store, I am often tempted to buy things that look like something my grandma would've worn. What's with that? I don't want to be that way, and yet I do. I wonder if we're all like that in a certain way. haha A happy in between is what I need to find and hopefully stay there.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Getting ready for Victoria to take a class up at North Greenville University next sem. How weird this is going to be...but totally exciting. She will start with only one class,( Psychology) so it shouldn't be too bad. However, it looks like we will be doing a Mon. night class, so even though the class is 2.5 hrs. long, it will only be once a wk. That's awesome since it's half hr. drive each way. Now Francis and I will have to figure out what we will do during the time of her class though. We'll have to find somewhere around that we can hang out at. It might be some great mother/son time. I am so ready to see how Victoria does in this new season. I think she's going to grow and change in a good way and become more prepared for life on her own. Wow. What a thought. But, really, so excited!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Little Things

God sometimes reminds us that He is in control of everything, and we all have stories of those times. Well, I have a new story to tell, and it is about a seemingly insignificant thing. While Victoria's friend Kiara was here from Puerto Rico, we went to the library to find an old cartoon version of The Lord of the Rings-The King Returns. As we searched the shelves we couldn't find it. The kids had watched this together before, ( yrs. ago) and wanted to watch it together again for old times sake. :) I decided the best thing to do was to go to the children's dept. desk and see if someone there could help us. When I described what we were looking for, they were doubtful that we would find it, but while standing there waiting while the secretary searched the comp. data base...Victoria,( who had come up to stand beside me) said, " Isn't that it right there?" I looked down on the desk, and on top of a pile of videos that were to be checked back in to the library, was the exact and only copy of what we wanted. I was astounded, and so were the ladies at the desk. I rejoiced at God's hand and wondered at His love for us that even something so little was on His heart to give us. Amazing. I don't think I've been chafing over much of anything since then. I realize that my life is ordered by God down to the seemingly unimportant things.