Thursday, March 29, 2012


Long time no blog. Sorry. I just didn't feel it necessary since I post most things to fb these days. But, here's a small update anyway. My body's falling apart. :) And what I can do, it beginning to compete with what I can't. Still, I'm trying to modify so that I don't re-injure all the time. And of course the kids are doing a bit more to help me out,( which they looove). :) This fall though, I will have one less helper since Victoria is off to her first yr on campus at NGU. After 3 semesters of dual enrollment there, she will finally be graduating from homeschooling and ready to be a full-time college student. It'll be so different and I think the one who will hate it the most is Francis. He is going to miss his sister immensely, so I'm sure we will still go up to NGU here and there to see here or go to a L'aMet practice,( which I will miss being a part of). But, this is how it goes and I remember the desperation I had to get out of the house and start my own life as a wife. Victoria will not be walking that road for a while but this first taste of complete independence will be very exciting. And honestly, I'm so glad for texting, because at least we'll be able to keep up with each other without long, inconveniently timed phone calls, or having to sit down at a comp somewhere to see e-mails. Tech sure is great in some ways. Anyway, that's a small update. Nothing too amazing really but it's that 'daily thing'.