Thursday, August 18, 2011


O.k., I've been more scatterbrained than usual and have a couple of stories to share about that. Last night in the two yr. old nursery at church, I was sitting with one of the little girls on my lap reading her a book. My helper was talking to me about something and reminded me about the girl, whom I promptly started looking around the room for. I stared freaking out because she was nowhere in sight... :/ My helper gave me this weird look and stated the obvious...that the child was sitting on my lap!!!!! Oh my goodness. Did we ever have a good laugh about that one. But, that's pretty scary!

The next thing I did, was mark off three days of this month on my planner with the words, "Keep these days free", because some friends from out of town, who used to live here, were going to have 3 days in the area and were gonna call to make plans when they could. Every day I see these 3 days marked on the calendar,( they've been there for about a month) and I still wrote on top of today's date,(one of the marked off days) that I would help serve a funeral meal this afternoon at church. So, while the kids and I were down at the park walking the track,( and of course, I didn't take my cell phone) this friend was standing outside my door calling my house and cell phone to come and let her in. :/ I get back to the house, and find the missed calls. I call her back, and the time she has free is....guess when....the time I'm supposed to help for the funeral dinner!!!!! So, then I call up the person who asked for my help,( who unfortunately knows first hand how much I forget stuff) and ask her what I can maybe send one of my kids in my place to help serve. Thankfully, she said there's a couple more ppl that are going to be helping out that weren't going to be there before. So, I guess that helps some. But, I still feel like a jerk for messing things up,( again). Ohhhh, how will I ever survive? Will I be one of those old folks who can't figure out how to put on their clothes, who doesn't know that they just said the same thing 20 different times in 5 min.'s and who has no idea whether they are just getting home or just leaving?!!! Agh! I seriously hope not. :/