Thursday, August 12, 2010

What possesses a person to have a big party at their house? :) I am having one for the teenagers from church so that my kids can make memories, and so that I can get to know the youth better and of course so we can have fun!!! But who's gonna have fun I wonder? I doubt it's gonna be me. haha I have to make sure everything runs smoothly, have all the materials for the games in order and at hand, make sure the food is at least accessible and pre-prepared so I can just set it our when the time is right. And how the heck do you do that when you are serving banana splits? I have to keep the ice cream in the freezer and have the topings in some kind of containers and ready to serve. Hmm The house needs cleaning, the lawn needs mowing and I haven't gone shopping yet. Oh dear, the fun of last minute preparations! Nerve wracking, stomach churning, hair pulling stress. Yet, when it's over and I collapse...I hope to have good pictures/video and tons of happy smiles and laughs running through my memory's movie screen. In the end, it's almost always worth the craziness! I hope this time will be no different. :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 1

We started back to school today. It started like this...a funny wake-up song that the kids absolutely hate..haha. So, that means I started the day out with two grumps. We sat down to do a half hr. review or quick-snippet of various info. from the Bible to the body, from hymns to handwriting. The kids had breakfast while working on the first subject,( half an orange, milk and monkey bread). I have been scouring youtube and for some needed supplemental videos. Now in the quiet I am quickly updating all of you, and now I need to clean the kitchen and prepare to help Francis, since most of his classes are a time of review with me. I think we'll be done by 3.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I am so half-baked, and to give you an idea of what I mean, here are a couple of recent examples. I have been staring forever at a cookie sheet on top of my toaster oven that has dried herbs on it. However, instead of drying the herbs how the books and internet said I should, I just cut them and threw them on a cookie sheet. They did eventually dry. Now I just leave the cookie sheet there and take from it when I need it. I know I should crumble and store the herbs, but I just don't. The next example is the shop-vac. Every Wed. Francis uses it to vacuum his room,( he's the only one with carpet). A few days ago, I took it apart to clean the filters. The filters stayed laying on the side of my bathtub for about 2 days after they were dry and another 2-3 days sitting next to the vacuum, where they still currently are today. I only have to slide the filters back in place and put the top back on, but have I done it..haha...nope! What is it about starting things and not finishing? I have started scrapbooks that who knows if they will ever get done. I have put many articles of clothing that needs stitching up in my 'fix it' pile, just to forget it and see it again later after my kids have already grown out of it. Yikes. Talk about procrastinating. I guess it's all about what is important to me. I mean, some days I get the organizing itch so bad that I lug things out of shelves and closets until everything is in the 'new' place where I visualized it. How weird to get so obsessed with something like that, but then not care about stuff laying around waiting to be put away. This is me though, this is part of who I am and how I work and I know there are others like me...believe me, I've seen it with my own eyes. :)