Thursday, August 12, 2010

What possesses a person to have a big party at their house? :) I am having one for the teenagers from church so that my kids can make memories, and so that I can get to know the youth better and of course so we can have fun!!! But who's gonna have fun I wonder? I doubt it's gonna be me. haha I have to make sure everything runs smoothly, have all the materials for the games in order and at hand, make sure the food is at least accessible and pre-prepared so I can just set it our when the time is right. And how the heck do you do that when you are serving banana splits? I have to keep the ice cream in the freezer and have the topings in some kind of containers and ready to serve. Hmm The house needs cleaning, the lawn needs mowing and I haven't gone shopping yet. Oh dear, the fun of last minute preparations! Nerve wracking, stomach churning, hair pulling stress. Yet, when it's over and I collapse...I hope to have good pictures/video and tons of happy smiles and laughs running through my memory's movie screen. In the end, it's almost always worth the craziness! I hope this time will be no different. :)

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