Thursday, January 7, 2010

Well, I guess I am not about blogging as you noticed by my initial ambitions at writing and then the total plunge into silence for two months. I guess I notice that other people's blogs are mostly about home life and kids, or daily challenges and creative ideas. I guess I am more of a blogger about my spiritual journey and that doesn't seem too interesting to most people. When God reveals something to me, it means depths to me whereas another person just reads it and goes, " Oh, that's nice", or maybe even, "What's the big deal about that? I already knew that". So, I guess I kinda gave up with the blogging. I am not one for short either, it' s usually long and drawn out. I don't have cute quips, or fuzzy cute stories about my kids, I don't have tips or ideas,( not much anyway) to share and I don't sit around forever doing cute layouts for my page,( I don't know how or maybe I would, but I hate spending time on stuff like that). I don't have family and friends who just love to read the next entry of my musings, or even other blog friends who share the same rhythm of the what I am basically saying is...I believe these entries will be few and far between. Sorry :)


  1. What comes from your heart does not have to look the same as what comes from someone else's. You of all people know that! And even if it's only twice a year that you blog, I'll still read it because regardless if where God has you is a 1000 miles from where He has me, I still enjoy seeing what God is doing 'in real life' - not just from the pulpit.

  2. thanks Jenn...I guess I have tried lots of things in the past thinking that I am going to really 'get into' them. Then my interest just tapers off. I have seasons of inspiration and seasons of dryness. I don't have many hobbies because I am too laid back, but I do love to be on the comp. I guess I just don't always feel like what's going on is really worth sharing. Everyday life for us is not that exciting, but I love it. Thanks for the encouragement, I am sure I will post more than twice a yr.( I hope..haha).