Monday, December 27, 2010

the hard stuff

Had to make a decision awhile back...a decision that would affect someone, whom I've known for 4 yrs., in a negative way. There were insurmountable problems regarding our kids getting together, problems I'd overlooked for way too long. I cut communication to this family for several months wondering what to do about explaining why I've been ignoring them out of nowhere. So, today, I finally wrote a note to this person, and hopefully explained as gently as possible why I took the break and why there prob. will be much less relationship than before. I've had ppl in my own life who've cut me off and never explained well. So, knowing how that feels and knowing what those ppl should have done, I am trying to do what's right. It's hard, knowing you're going to offend someone. So, let's see what the response will be...if there is one. Sigh

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