Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hmm, what should I say. This is the first blog so where do I start. Well, I guess Monday is as good a place as any. It was the beginning of another homeschool yr. I have been ordered from my precious homeschool catalogs..all the goodies that I've looked over time and time again..sifting through the wanted list until there is an affordable list of things that seem the most likely to be used. Excitement is the the air, ( but only the air of my personal aura) and I have decided,( as I always do) to make some changes that will hopefully bring this school yr. to a climax of success and enjoyment. We are not early risers but I promise you that we have been awake everyday this week at 7 a.m.,( except today and it was 7:30) and doing well with the new and improved schedule. Sounds awesome right? It was..until I realized that I have a party pooper on board and there are some issues that are going to rear their ugly heads much earlier in the yr. than I thought. We all seem to be grouchy this yr. and each of us blames the others. I blame Victoria for being so grouchy and Francis for always making so much disturbing noise. And Victoria blames me for being grouchy and Francis for annoying her. Francis blames me for being grouchy,( two strikes against me) and Victoria for being too touchy. Just now Victoria came to me saying how much school,( the hard stuff-i.e. geometry and chemistry) that she has, and how many chores she still needs to do etc. I had to send her away disappointed that I didn't lighten her's just going to get harder from here, so why should I baby her. Oh the joys. So, how is this school yr. going to go? Day 4 and we are already on each other's nerves. I guess I will need to be more involved in prayer and find more ways for the kids to get out of here and spend time with others. That is the only way I think we will all keep some sanity. So, I end this first blog with a bit of ho-hum and discouragement. But so be it...afterall, that is part of the journey, isn't it?

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