Monday, August 24, 2009

I love Mondays...I don't think anyone else feels the same though. It's a new week, a fresh start, and the beginning of another week that we can mark off of our calendar. This yr. has special potential and that adds to the good feeling of each week. Although, we are def. having some "issues" with attitude, we have also accomplished the unthinkable,(at least when regarding our family). We are now getting up at 7 a.m. as opposed to 9 or so. We are also starting the day by walking the dog which helps with the waking up of our bodies and minds. Then we come home and while the kids eat I read some devotional books. Then, we start our work. I am still not doing as well with keeping up on household chores and that's mostly because I simply don't like cleaning. I would rather be on the computer communicating with ppl. But, I still need to do it. I am lately in the mood to get rid of stuff though, so as to make life a bit simpler and to make sure we are actually using what we have. I love seeing shelves emptying. It's such a good feeling. Some things I can't part with though,(sentimental things from the kids' childhood). Those things go to the attic, where at least they are out of sight. And to think, in just a few short yrs. I will be sending some of it off with my daughter. Wow, how beautiful it is to think about my daughter beginning her own family one day and pulling out of that "special place" the keepsakes of her childhood. What sweet memories she will have to pass on. As each school yr. comes, I am always looking at new ideas to implement...and sometimes I am able to work those ideas into the schedule and sometimes not. Some of these ideas are merely educational ideas but some help me to focus on memory making. Of course, the kids aren't always pleased with these new things because to them it's just more things to comsume their free time. But once in awhile I get the feeling that there's a bit of enjoyment in it, even if just for a moment. Those moments give me the encouragement to go on. And occasionally, I have to let something go, seeing that I am the only one who likes the new habit or tradition and that it's not worth making everyone else miserable in carrying it on. It's strange that I didn't start this post to talk about these things, but that's the neat thing about blogging, sometimes your thoughts just spill out and at the end you've discovered that something has emerged that wasn't anticipated.

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