Saturday, August 22, 2009

Well, this has been a good Sat. I organized, cleaned a bit, watched several old movies and Moody Bible Institute videos to see if we keep them or get rid of them. I have decided that since I have tried to sell off a bunch of homeschool stuff to no avail, that I will keep it in the attack until next yr.'s homeschool book sale. I am sure I will have much more to add to the growing pile with one more yr. under our belts. Then, I can try to make some money that will go towards the next yr.'s materials. So, that's my plan. The kids did a bunch of nothing today,(that's what Sat. is for yes?). I did have Francis mow the back yard and now I owe him money. I tried again to go out to enjoy the gorgeous weather..but no...I had to dive back inside because of the moquitoes and take Benadryl. How I am missing the summer fun! Looking forward though, to a pool party next Tues. That will be a highlight. Today I began feeling the disappointment of being let down by people who I thought would prove to be new friends that we would hang with. Is God trying to remove my deep emotional attachment issues and only have Him to lean on and trust in? I am so very glad that He is my Rock. Without him I would not want to linger long on this earth. I am looking forward to maybe starting up some volunteer work with Meals on Wheels. It sounds like a great way to incorporate service to our community and meet people into whose lives we can share. I hope these kinds of things work out for us this yr. I really think that we will gain a richness in our lives through these opportunities. So, with hope for our lives to hopefully become full with meaningful activity again, I go to bed and look forward to a few minutes to ponder and talk with my Jesus.

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