Saturday, October 17, 2009

Being in God's Kingdom means constantly stretching ourselves to do better in God's eyes and according to His Word. We should always be assessing our "comfort zones" and make sure they are not instead "dead zones". We can easily curl up in our own worlds, creating our own kingdoms and trying to live out our own ideals. It's what we want to's what we shouldn't do. And in today's's really, and truly, going against the flow. There are even times when other Christians look at you funny and think maybe you are going overboard. I am still going through a "place" where God is leading me forward, but I am not sure I am responding correctly. I seem to myself to be so passionate about stuff that I offend others...then, I have to wonder if I am living according to God's ways or am I going off on a tangent. I need to do some musing/praying/meditating this morning...once again I feel that He is trying to speak clarity to me...I just need to give Him my undivided attention, so that He can speak.

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