Tuesday, October 13, 2009

In about 2 and a half weeks my daughter will be 15!!! How awesome is that? However, I need to make her a neurologist appt. to make sure she will be able to get her permit( we have to make sure her motor tick won't be an issue) . If she can't drive I think it will be a big disappointment to her and to me as well. Also, we are getting our noses pierced and that's cool, however when i see my parents either at Thanksgiving or whenever, i am very anxious as to how my dad's going to react. He's very legalistic and outspoken about stuff he doesn't like as far as those kinds of things go. My mom is not going to tell him about it since she doesn't want to hear all the crap, so he will get a shock whenever he sees us. I am 34 yrs. old and am tired of wondering how he will react to stuff. And I am very quick tempered when he is around. At this stage of my life I no longer answer to my parents but I answer to God about all the choices I make in my life, either spiritual or physical. It's amazing that these cosmetic changes can irritate some ppl so much. I am also hoping that it doesn't stumble anyone at church. I don't want to walk into church and have ppl judging us or acting like we are different ppl,( in a bad way) just because of it. I miss having a church family that is concerned with spiritual life and not so much styles and fashions. I hope my current church family will think it's no big deal and not make an issue of it. Anyway, i can't believe I have taken up so much room about these piercings, but it seems like it's such a big deal to a lot of ppl, that it makes me wonder how many problems it may cause at first. It's not immoral or rebellious so I think it should be o.k. I am excited about it and hope that it doesn't hurt much,( I'm such a baby with needles). I will post pics when we get them.

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