Friday, April 30, 2010


Does it please God that I want new curtains, some plant stands, new dresses, blinds, and so on. Every time I buy something else for the house, I think I'll be satisfied for awhile but then those bare spots and places where things need to be tied together by some perfect picture or piece of decor start bothering me. I say I'll wait til I find stuff at garage sales, but never want to get up early enough to go to those. Lately I feel God has spoken to me about something. God has blessed us with free stuff for the house on and off for years. And almost always, those things work just fine with what we already have. In fact, God has reminded me that instead of putting HIS money into HIS kingdom, I keep putting it into mind. Sigh, that's so heavy. I want to badly to please Him, but i also want to please self. There's def. a battle going on here. However, I believe that I need to put my faith into action and begin to not buy and let God give me gifts. I need to invest in His heart and let Him satisfy mine. So, I hope and pray that through this journey of faith, I can do what I should and no regrets, but instead have testimony! God, please help me here.

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