Friday, April 30, 2010

School stuff

Every yr. I analyze what worked and what didn't and I begin the research for what I will pull in to next years schedule. I have realized though that since my kids are older and able to work on their own, I have become very lazy in checking to see if they are really getting what they are reading, or working on. And since Victoria likes me to leave her be, I have done the same with Francis. But he actually still needs me to teach and study with him. I also have become totally dull minded regarding everyday teaching opportunities like using the microscope that we have on pollen, or finding out the process by which water is cleaned and comes into our house. I need to do better but I never do. And, of course I am really excited this yr. because I am getting rid of a lot of curriculum from my shelves and drawers and it feels good to unload. But then again, now I am totally drooling over all the amazing readers I see in the Sonlight catalog and am hoping to find some of those at the book fair in May. Oh dear! I hope that next yr. I will try a bit harder to simply review the kids on things that they will need to always know, like math facts and vocab. Still, I am already looking at the fact that out of all the wonderful ideas I have every yr. only one or maybe two of those come to pass and even then, some other things fall by the wayside that shouldn't. And what about those wonderful attitudes that our students have. Sometimes I wonder if they'll go away with anything from this experience because of hard headedness,( wonder where that comes from). And yet, it will be done in a few yrs. and then we will see if they believe all this was worth it or not. I surely hope so. But if nothing else, I have learned a lot from these yrs. and I would not trade that for anything.

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