Monday, January 31, 2011

Today I notice a change coming in me. I am less likely to enjoy a good debate these days, than I was before. I guess it's because even when I feel something is very obvious, others don't get it. So, does that mean I'm wrong. Are we really all supposed to have such differing of opinions on issues of godliness. It seems that I am more disappointed and struggle with this issue now, when before it was refreshing. I believe God is bringing me to put away my expectations of others to agree together, and leading me more to the important relationship of love that He wants with me. Love of God needs to be central and letting His Word my refreshment. Caring for people, and talking things out, but only when needed, for His glory is the best way and I need to go back in that direction. I need to let subjects of disagreement that are not pivotal to growth in Christ stay to the side.

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