Thursday, February 10, 2011

homeschool motto

So, I have been dealing with some issues lately that have required me to think/analyze a bit more about homeschooling. And, here's the motto that embodies what homeschool should look like for me. Love God and Love Learning. Punto. That's it. Now, because I didn't know how to instill the love learning part for sooo many yrs. , that part of the motto has not been fully realized. And having two teenagers who want to do nothing that requires effort, of course, schooling doesn't seem so fun these days. But, learning is not just during the hours of school, nor does it have to do only with books and assignments. We all know that, that's obvious. The Love of God part is also something that has not been instilled from day 1 since I've been on the journey of truly finding my faith for many yrs., and my struggles with the flesh along the way have not exactly been the kind of magnet toward God that my kids have needed to see. But, now that I am dedicated to the Lord, I am hoping He will use what time is left to breath into my kids the desire to know and love Him. This motto, and the challenges that I have been presented with to analyze how I homeschool, has allowed me to once again focus on the most important things. The other things are just that...other things. I will do what God wants in my homeschool situation. I know that others are already on the right track in their homes too. I am glad that God has led me to a couple of things these last few days regarding exactly what I've been dealing with, to comfort me and to reassure me, that if I am seeking Him, then He will do in our lives what should be done. Amen.


  1. I haven't heard much about your son because he's not old enough to be on facebook or maybe I just share the love of books with your daughter. Anyway you have a daughter who enjoys writing books. I can't get my son to write sentences for his homework. I'd say she's has a love of learning. Not everything we learn in life is our passion but she is finding hers. I assume your son has a thing or two of his own. As for your spiritual life I haven't know a time where God wasn't on your lips. Even in your "rebellious" days. I think your doing alright.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. I know we are all imperfect, but you know, sometimes, I just really admire those people out there who had it right at the beginning of their kids' lives. :) Oh wow, I forgot too...Francis does have a fb. He's 13 now. He doesn't use it for much more than games and believe it or not to IM with a couple of friends. He even witnessed to someone through fb and said they came to salvation. I was so amazed by that!! I had no idea he was even witnessing to someone, although, apparently he had been sharing some with his dad about it. Very cool.