Monday, February 28, 2011

busy vs. fruitfulness

I realized something today after having a conversation with someone I've just re-connected with. I was admitting to much laziness and have known for some time now that I could do so much more to keep my home in order and teach responsibility to my kids by developing some of my own. But, I also abhor those who are soooo busy all the time with this and that, that there's no time for the important things, like relationships. So, I realized this- in all the musing;I don't always need to be 'busy' but I do always need to be fruitful. Like right now..I'm not really busy. I'm not doing chores, or running errands, or doing projects, but in writing this blog, I am hopefully being fruitful. I will be searching myself for the next while to see what this new motto will mean for me. I wonder how many of you have already discovered this truth in your lives.

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