Saturday, March 12, 2011

Homeschool catalogs

It's that time for me again. We'll be done with this school yr. in 4 weeks. Wow!!! Then we may have a week off and go straight into our 4 weeks of summer school. Our summer school is always the beginning of the next yr. and therefore I need the next yr.'s curriculum and supplements very soon. I have begun dreaming through my catalogs again, and as always, finding more than I expected to find that I want to have. It's mostly books these days. I've been very poor about having my kids do extra curricular reading all these yrs. and I am trying to make up for it now. I buy a bunch of books,( mostly fictional history) to go along with what they're going to be studying in their history books. But, somehow, I always forget which one's I have on the shelf and miss pulling them in at the right times. Still, the more books I have, the more my kids will read, regardless. And, yes, we have a couple of libraries within 10 min.s, but, I always forget to turn in the books on time and end up owing money. It's better to own the books and not worry. So, I'll be going to Amazon today to start a wish list. Then, whatever I don't find, I will look for at the homeschool book fair, which I always look forward to like a child waiting for presents on Christmas morning. I used to buy tons of edu-games, both comp. software and board games, but my kids are growing out of some of that. I need more little kids, so I can keep on playing. haha Anyway, so, let's see what kinds of goodies I can lay my hands on this yr. I seriously can't wait.

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