Friday, April 22, 2011

About me

Well, I can't even begin to talk about who I have been and all the changes that have occurred and are occurring in my life. But, I think this will just be kind of the ' salt and pepper' version of who I am now. What I mean is, I have two distinct sides of me: The fun-loving, childish side and the very serious, analytical side. For examples of the childish side, let me just mention that I still love to watch certain old cartoons and even have some items I've collected of my fav. characters, which are Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore. I also love Hello Kitty. I have mugs, purses, shirts, stuffed animals and even a metal lunch box of these various favorites. :) I seriously love them. I also now loooove polka dotted stuff,( I used to hate polka dots). I just recently bought some differently colored polka dot plates. And I love eating off of them. I don't know why but they are so pretty to me and I can't wait to pull one out to use it. Doesn't that seem really childish? :) I also love trash talking and sarcastic joking around. It's never meant in a mean way, but just a way of goofing off with friends. I love crayons and things that sparkle. And I still love music that gets my adrenaline pumping and at times I'll actually head bang to some of my fav. songs. So, I guess that kind of introduces you to the child like side of me.

Then there's the very serious side of me. I have certain things that I value pertaining both to the way people act, and the beliefs I have. The way people act,( including myself sometimes) can really tick me off. I hate rude drivers, and pushy people. I hate when someone behind me in a line gets waay up into my 'personal bubble'. And, when people act like animals to get a sale or supplies before a major storm, I get soooo upset. I also def. hate when ppl lie. Sometimes I'm as beastly in my anger toward their actions, as they in the way they act. I get really disturbed. When I hear on the news,( and I don't watch it much) or see a re-enactment,( fictional or not) of child molestation...I can't even tell you what I would like to do to the molester. It's noooot pretty. I also cannot stand when a child/teen/young adult is disrespectful and blatantly disobedient to their parents, grandparents or other authority figure. I wanna ring the kid's neck.

Now, the serious part of me regarding my faith. I am really about watching what goes into my ears and eyes. I don't want any movie, show, book, or music that causes me to think wrong thoughts. I also don't want to ingest into my mind a bunch of violence, immorality, dirty jokes, disrespect of God or races, etc. It's realllly hard to accomplish the task of only watching, hearing, and reading good things, as I don't always know what's coming, until it's there. So, of course I have seen/heard/read things that I wish I hadn't but I think it bothers me to see that many 'Christians' don't even try to keep themselves pure of mind/heart. Other things that are serious issues with me are modesty and dating,( which I don't believe much in). I am very pro-life and anti-evolution, but it's because these are things that are not godly. I can get pretty straight forward in conversations regarding these topics. I don't want to debate forever or get in a conversation where everyone is getting mad, so, the topics don't come up much and if they do, they stay short if possible. My desire is for people to see where Satan can subtly lead us into a wordly mind-set and away from seeking to be the kinds of people that God's Word instructs us to be. I'll be the first to say that I'm very far away from being who I should, but I do also know that I am working toward that goal, day by day, and obviously with God's help and leading. And the last,( and most important) thing I'm very serious about is God's Word. I do believe we should 'divide it rightly'. That is another thing that will not be attained to perfection without God, but we should always try to know what God meant when He inspired His Word to be written.

And lastly, some random facts: I love climbing trees and watching birds, and I love clouds and sunsets and oceans. I hate spiders and cockroaches, but like snakes and lizards and frogs. I don't like the feeling of dry sand or dirt on my hands or feet. But I love the feeling of bird seed and rice. Strange and def. random. :) My fav. color is purple and my fav. clothes to wear are sweats,( and this is only in the house though). I love my monkey sock slippers and having coffee/chat or Bible study with friends. And I love having friends in all age groups.

I think that's enough. I just felt like writing about who I am so that some of my newer friends can understand me better. Now, I hope some of you will write the same things about yourselves.

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