Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ready to fly, well, almost

I'm getting that feeling of...oh my goodness, my daughter is really, truly gonna be leaving the house for good in the very near future. I never thought it would actually happen, although I knew it would, and now I'm starting to get that sad feeling. :( I have thus far been very excited for her to start a life of her own, with her own act.'s and friends. I mean, she does have that now in a sense, but I always have to drive her everywhere since she's not ready to drive yet. And, even at church, I talk to most of the same people that she does. I know she's looking forward to living on her own and doing stuff by herself, and yet, she's still scared and awkward,( maybe a bit of laziness too). So, as I see her getting ready to take that first dive out into the world, I am wondering what my life will be like without her. How will her brother take it, since they are now much closer than they've ever been. Will he begin to get antsy and take up fighting with me to show his dislike of the new situation? Oh man, I don't know. I guess this is what parents feel like and every generation has to go through it, while the next generation can't even imagine having kids yet. :) We were there once weren't we?

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