Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fav. homeschool stuff

I have just today, finished reading aloud a book that I love soooo much that it is surely among the top 3 favorites of any homeschool curriculum or supplements that I've ever used!!! It's called "King Alfred's English". It is an amazing book and I now know and understand much more about the seasons, peoples/cultures and changes that it has gone through to become what it is and con't morphing on to another level. I never knew how many different languages are woven into English and that most of English is made of foreign words. It's done in a beautiful story form and very lively, creative wording. I would totally recommend buying it. The author is Laurie J. White.

Another fav. up until about 6 grade is Singapore Math. It imbues the child with a much better handle on logic than any other Math curriculum I've used or seen.

My fav. homeschool company is Timberdoodle, hands down. They concentrate on finding unique and engaging edu-games. Their focus is logic and fun together, not one or the other. They do the research for me and I buy the products. Their customer service is phenomenal too.

My fav. websites have been,, and I have also used, and

Oh, I could go on and on. But, I just wanted to gab a bit about my homeschool 'picks'. Most of you have already heard me talk about most of them.

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