Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's raining, it's pouring...and I love it. There's a few things in the garden that are still trying to produce, plus the squash seeds I put out yesterday are surely loving this downfall. Soon, I hope to see those thick, spring greens seedlings taking off. The butterfly bush is beautiful, the caterpillars that are now munching on,( actually have left only skeletal remains of) one of my brussel sprout plants are hopefully soon to make their comfy cocoons and become a bunch of butterflies. I haven't seen more than one of those in my yard, til this last couple of days. Now I've been seeing these great big black winged, with blue tails butterflies and today a large yellow and black. Wow!! I also gave up on attracting humming birds...then a few days ago, while looking at the flowers on this humongous tree/weed thing that is growing out from the middle of a huge holly bush we have....I saw a humming bird sipping from the weed's flowers. Today, I opened my bedroom curtain to see one drinking from some of the flowers I put out for them. Oh the joy!!

Speaking of joy, while reading several sections of the Word today, there was such a quiet joy in my being...I felt like one who was being pampered and loved on by an amazing Heavenly Father. I need that right now I guess more than normal...something may or may not be about to happen in our family that could prove to be very difficult for all of us and in various ways. I feel like today, all the things that I had hoped for this yr. to happen in my yard/garden are slowly being revealed to me a way that God is saying...I saved all this for this specific time, so that you would know that I am thinking about you. I am so blessed.

I guess that' s it for now...I have a bit more work to do on the school room, then I'll take a picture and post it. Another day, I need to blog out some crazy deep thinking I was doing yesterday...intellectual kinds of stuff that I would usually not even be able to understand, but for some reason, my mind seemed very open and clear. Wow. I guess that proves that I really can think logically and reason. :)

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