Friday, July 9, 2010

Well, it's been a looong time again. I don't really know what to say here, but I'm bored and decided I should be able to say something about all this time that I haven't blogged. Let's see...Victoria is still book writing...going to bed at 7 a.m. and getting up at 4 p.m. I am so glad she has the time for this activity that's so special to her. Once school starts back she'll barely have time to do it. I have bribed Francis to read 20 books this summer. He'll get a Wii game if he finishes. We are looking forward to some vacation time in P.R. hopefully at the end of the summer,( we are going over there because the people renting our house want to buy it after all these years). We are excited about our friends and the beach and all the foods that we miss eating from over there. Then, in Nov. and/or Dec. Victoria will hopefully be seeing some out of state friends that her father is going to fly in to SC for her to celebrate her 16th b-day with her. It's just two girls and the friends she has her locally, but it should be a lot of fun if it all works out.

My garden has done only so-so this yr. and I am hoping to do better with the fall garden. Still, it was nice to get some produce from my own back yard. Speaking of my back yard..this morning as I took the dog out, a lady was passing by walking her own dog. She came in the back yard with us and we let the dog's play while she told me in un-edited wording about her recent divorce and her husband cheating and those kinds of things. She is actually an unknown neighbor from two doors down that I was getting perturbed with, since her cat comes in my yard and eats the birds. When I mentioned it, she didn't appologize and offer to keep the cat indoors, but I did tell her that I would con't chasing it out. I may end up calling pet control and let her have to go pick it up at the pound once to see if it's really worth her while. I just don't know if I should make quick enemies with someone I just met, who is looking for someone to unload on. I am not sure if she is the kind of person who will con't to talk all about how much of a victim she is or if she will be open to friendship and encouragement to go on with life. Hmm, I will have to proceed with cautioin and with prayer. One never knows what/who God might be putting in your path for a particular reason. So, let's see how all this pans out.

And, now I'm off to my bed, to bury myself in coupons and start cutting out what I need. And, maybe after that...I will scratch this organizing itch I have today...I can at least start planning on paper where I want to move things around too,( again). I love making the most of my space though. Esp. since I may be getting a few more things for school still. I am running out of room for things to fit neatly. In two more yrs. I will be able to really clean out school stuff since Victoria will be graduating. That's gonna be sooooo nice. Then, just 5 more yrs. to go before Francis is done. That is going to seem like eternity.

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