Friday, July 23, 2010

Today I am trying not to procrastinate too much on the 'to-do' list I am ever so slowly getting done. I will run out and put some 10-10-10 before the supposed rain, so that if it rains, the fertilizer will get soaked without me running up the water bill. Yay to nature for it's sprinkler system. Then there's the summer cards that I am supposed to have made all this time. I really and truly don't want to make them, but I need to get rid of more scrapbooking paper and that's one great way to do it. One day, I will go back to store bought cards. I can't wait. Then, the kids are sick and I feel like I'm getting it too. VBS is in two days and Victoria and I are supposed to do games. I need to pray that God will get us better so that we can do our part. Now, I just need to tear myself away from the computer...sigh and do what responsible adults :)

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