Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wow, almost time to get back into the school thing. This yr. I finally took down all the little kid posters from the walls of the school room. The kids' friends were starting to say stuff. Hint, hint mom. haha But, I admit, that I did buy a couple new sets of posters that might not be appreciated by the kids...posters about the love of reading by Mary Engelbreit...I love her illustrations. So whimsical! ;) I guess the rest of the posters that I have will be put up for short periods when they are most appropriate. I guess I just love posters. And this yr. I am going to try breaking away from the loose leaf type assignment logs. They worked fine, but I wanted to use an actual teacher's planner. Since it's spiral bound the kids don't have to worry about finding the correct assignment log and I don't have to keep up with printing out new ones for every week. So, even though the front of the book it the typical 'recording grades for 30 students' set up, the back is a year's worth of weekly planners. So, I have one book for each kid to have and I will just have to figure out how to use the front to record grades for only one student. :) We'll see how this works. Every yr. is something new and this yr. is no different.

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