Friday, September 18, 2009

Got up this morning not very motivated to do anything..including devotions. I made myself do several chores, which got me feeling a bit better, but when I sat down to have Bible reading/prayer time,( and I'm still not done...just taking a break to blog) I just sat a couple of verses and stopped...tried to pray and find out what was in my way of a good time with God. I have a concern for today,( seeing someone at an activity that I really would rather not see) and maybe it's just that, or maybe since it's rainy I just didn't feel "into it", but I knew that neither of those things should be keeping me from my studies. So, as I meditated for awhile I noticed that I was letting emotions dictate my actions. I meditated on that and God revealed to me just how much of our lives are lived through the tainted lens of emotions. Even on a day that I think all is going well, my emotions may be keeping me from doing what I should in the spiritual realm. A day may go way wrong because of my irritability..which is an emotion. I let that dictate the outcome of the day, when, if I would have just stopped right there and given it over to God, I would have been able to see clearly for the rest of the day. There's a lot more to this subject, but I have to go meditate some more...and let God show me the depth of this issue. Thank God that if we really do what we should and not what we feel like doing He will teach us good things.

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