Monday, September 28, 2009

Today's been weird. We got up an hour late because of me being sooo tired. Then, when we went to walk the dog..i just had so much energy that I started jogging right away. Later I did not 100, but 150 crunches. Victoria almost fell asleep listening to the drone of Dr. Vernon McGee's voice during her Bible class and I found her snuggled back up in bed after about half hr. of school. Francis started his work, but then I got totally psyched about organizing his room, and off we went. About 2 hrs. later and while we were still in his room, Victoria emerged. Just a bit after that...wouldn't you know it, the weather was so nice, that both kids ended up outside with the dog, and the hammock came out of it's temp. hybernation. After I finished with Fran's room, I went outside too and took a game called Blokus with me. Francis and I played under the shade of our oak tree. Now, the kids are watching a movie, and I am here. Francis will still have to finish school and it will be finished right on time for bed. Wow, what a topsy turvey, but oh, so fun day!

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