Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's 09-09-09! It's funny but I am celebrating this day with the kids, even though it doesn't mean much to them at this age. I wish I would've started this with the kids much earlier. There are so many things I wish I would've started while the kids were still younger. A journal of their mischievousness would've been cool and the memory book I have been trying to get everyone to write in, would've been more enticing back a few yrs. It's hard because I still love all the little kid ideas and toys and have no more little kids. I wish I was with child again and I have been wishing that for about a yr. or so. I guess it's just not for me to have more,( I'm fixed) and God doesn't seem to want to undo what's been done. I know that He can do all things, nothing's too hard for Him, but it just may not be for me to do anything but raise these two that I have and then wait expectantly for grandkids. That sounds so weird! I am too young to be talking about that, but it doesn't matter because that's what I want. It's funnier that my 12 yr. old son is already yearning for a family. Maybe he and his future wife will have a lot of kids for grandma to baby-sit. Mmm, letting myself imagine!

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